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We decided that our customers need to know about the secure service they receive. That is why we incorporated a user-operated calculator and a reference from Equity Bank Forex. We have earned trust from our clients as we ensure they rest assured of the security and safety of their money, plus the speed at which we provide our services. Send any dollar amount to this email.

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Next, obtain the latest Dollar buying value for large notes from Equity Bank Foreign Exchange website. This helps us have the latest currency value for the exchange.

Multiply the Amount After Service Charge that you got from above-calculated results with the Cash for Large Notes Buy value from the Equity Foreign Exchange website. The figure changes with the currency value. Here is an image to demonstrate, click on it to zoom.

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The figure on the calculator is what you will get to your Mpesa or Equity Bank Account instantly.

Also, find below the easy payment method to our PayPal account for select values.

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